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Commission Info

Full shaded
+1 Fullbody character: 75$
+1 Halfbody: 55$
+1 Bust: 42$

Flat color
+1 Fullbody character 65$
+1 Halfbody: 45$
+1 Bust: 32$

Partly lineless
+1 Fullbody character: 65$
+1 Halfbody: 55$
+1 Bust: 45$

Vehicle + character
Starting price is 85$
Includes lined, colored character posing with any vehicle, shading, lighting, custom background.
Can be lineless for a starter of 95$!Only cars for now.
Price may vary on the vehicle.

Ref sheets
Starting price is 72$
Will go up depending complexity.
• Will include one front fullbody, one back thighs up - there can be one back fullbody if the character has other markings from thighs down. Poses of your own choice.• One headshot in the corner, any face expression.• Minimum three accessories.• Color palette.• Information text around the character.+ NSFW version for another 15$+ extra.

NSFW Artwork

No price change, just some examples.

Meet the Artist

Yo. I’m sexualdoggo but you may refer to me as doggo or Rancid.
To summarize: I’m a female, punker. Born and raised from Norway who primarily draws furries, it’s more like a job than hobby at this point.
I’m in my early 20s.
I’m a cis-female I’m identifying as my assigned gender at birth. Why am I mentioning this? Well because I’ve been misgendered a lot through the years, because of my looks, style, hair, body. And all though I’m used to it, it do hurt when I’m misgendered. So please, it’s she/her. Thank you.I’ve been in the fandom since I was 9 or 10, which is quite early but that happens when you’re a kid with an iPad and with internet access. After being a part of the fandom for some years, it’s beyond chaotic but also somewhat enjoyable. Considering the friends I’ve made within the years, which aren’t many but there’s some. And that I can be a purple doggo without being judged by the others in the fandom!Here’s a bit about me, as a person:
I’m an ambivert or so my friends has told to me. “A person who has a balance of extrovert and introvert features in their personality”.
I don’t mind talking to strangers, I don’t mind being loud and laugh. But I also like to have peaceful evenings by myself. It all depends on my mood that day.
I have a weird sense of humor, definitely the pervert in the friend group and I can turn everything sexual, even the dumbest shit but if I’m being told off something is too inappropriate, I will tone it down…- depends whose asking only.
I have ADHD which is maybe worth mentioning, it may affect my effort, thoughts and process but that’s how it is. I’m doing my best whatsoever.
Other hobbies I could mention, or not as it’s not much else besides gaming. I’m both an ps4 and Xbox gamer, I’m very selective with my games and I only play one or two games at the time until I get sick of it which leads me to a long break and then back to the same games.
I love listening to music, I’m very flexible with music taste and I listen to everything from punk, to country, to hardstyle.
I have a huge interest within cars. I used to study as a car mechanic but due to some personal issues through out school and at home, my health and other things, I didn’t get the full degree fulfilled but I’m still interested in always learning whenever.
I own a 1995 Volvo 850, named Cummi because he’s white. ;D
So that’s some of me! If you would want to chat, I’m almost always available on telegram @ sexualdoggo


Best way to reach me would be by Telegram at @sexualdoggo
Click the icons below for social media & more ways to contact:

Will NOT draw


• Telegram stickers.
• Realistic female dog genitalia.
• Vent, sad, depressing or triggering themes/ expressions.
• Minors in sexual/suggestive scenes or acts.
• Family relatives in sexual/suggestive scenes or acts together.
• Feral animals and feral x human in sexual /suggestive scenes or acts.
• Farting, scat, burping, vomiting or similar. WS is okay.
• Rape, pseudo-rape or non-consensual activities of any act.
• ABDL or DDLG, though diapers are fine if clean.
• STD risk.
• Sexism, racism, homophobia or similar.
• Prolapse of any kind.
• Hyper or unrealistic body types/features.
• Extreme Vore meaning the entire process of Vore.
• Genital torture such as castration.
• Copyrighted characters.
• Twins/clones.
• Udders.
• Overweight or/and underweight/anorexic characters.
• “All the way trough” penetration. You have organs!
• Birthing.
• Cum-inflation.

• Rancid x female action.
• Rancid x with another vagina action.
• Gender bending of my OWN character.
• Rancid x receiving anal action.
• Rancid x DP, anal and vagina or vagina and vagina.
• Raw action aka no condom, condom is MANDATORY.
• Rancid x anything listed above pretty much!

Ask me if something isn’t mentioned.

Terms of Service

This is my terms of service which is very important and MUST BE READ.
- Full payment first, USD.
- PayPal only.
- Half refunds only, though money can only be refunded if you cancel your order within the sketch phase.
- No negotiating when it comes to pricing.
- Please do NOT your shipping address when sending the money.
- Avoid including a message in the payment.
- I will not accept mature/adult+ rated commissions to people under age of 18.
- I do not offer artistic liberty in artwork unless stated otherwise.
- A commissioned piece may be used by the customer as they wish, but do always credit sexualdoggo ©.
- Only the customer itself is allowed to download their commissioned work, if you’re not a commissioner please don’t bother.
- Watermark is not removable. Though if you find the watermark to be ruining the drawing because of its placing, do tell me so I can move it! Just do not remove it.
- I require at least a reply in 12 hours or less.
- Nobody, not even the Customer itself is allowed to edit the finished work without my permission.
- This regards my own character: Absolutely NO extra content such as text/stories or all add-ons should be posted without my consent.
- You may not resell said drawing or publish it to Patreon or any other payment subscriber service without granted permission.
- Show respect to my terms of service.
- Show respect to my character, she is heavily based off me as a person.

I cannot give an estimated waiting time for a commission but it usually tracks to less than a month, 2-3 weeks at maximum.I do not work off on special dates, I work when I have time.I do not work off character descriptions, you MUST have a NON SHADED ref sheet or 2-3 already existing art pieces of them.. must be at least one flat colored with correct color and markings of said character.SecondLife sheets does NOT count.Please be specific with your order.
Full and detailed description of your order, which doesn’t have to be an entire paragraph but notes do work too.
-How many characters,
-Reference sheets,
-Shaded or flat,
-Lined, colored lined or line less (line less only counts when shading is involved),
-Theme setting, poses, expressions.
-Oh and of course sfw or nsfw.
-Consider coming with examples too!
-As unfortunate it may be, I do require written proof if you’re going to include a friend or s/o in a commission. By them, screenshot provided preferred.Changes after lining costs extra!
All from 10-25$+ and more depending on the change.
Redoing of line work, changing up certain arm or leg movements, sizing.
Complexity adds! Complex design/species, wings, certain height differences (Micro/Macro), this will be discussed privately.Custom backgrounds depends all on what you want, you don’t have to give me the most detailed description but some notes.
Example: Bedroom, blue bed sheets, sun showing through the window curtains, some clothes on the floor and other everyday accessories.
Is a good start for a background.
Don’t say: “a detailed background”, “a little background” or similar.
I need details.
I always start the background price at 15$+.
Though 1-2 colors are free.My work technique is drawing from actual images of humans doing the poses you wish for your commission, so if I’m struggling to find a certain thing you want I might have to ask for your help. Yes, it MUST be real life humans.Do NOT redline my work, even if it’s just to help me out. If I need help with specific things, I will ask you.
You’re welcomed to ask to redline but I will most likely deny the request.
When/if you’re going to post your commission somewhere please do include a link to my page. Use this website for an example.
If I find out it’s posted without credit, I’ll ask for you to take it down.
If you do not want your commission uploaded on any social media, it has to be discussed before payment as it will come with a fee.

Feedback aka compliments is important for me as an artist, whenever I send a work in progress image I do hope for some.
“Looks good”, “nice” or simple worded comments are not feedback and I will ask for more.
It’s not being greedy, I just want to satisfy you as a paying customer and to know I’ve done a well job!

Other Offers

Other offers such as certain commission types, your character here, discounts and more!

Currently offering:

For only 15$ I’m doing unlimited Paw YCH’s!
You’ll get the chance to customize the room too including walls, window frame, led lights, bed and a window view!
Can be anything from a forest, beach or starry night. You can even provide your own photography but that’s up to you!
For 5$ you can get leg accessories:
Leg warmers/stockings, lights wrapped.
Do ask me if curious on something!
Leg accessories must be asked for yourself, I won’t include it in my message.
Can be any species if it has paws.
➡️ All the paws I’ve drawn so far ⬅️

Art Summary